Entrepreneurs flock to the Athens of America for the diverse mix of companies, leading universities, medical research institutions, and vibrant residential centers.

  • 16.6m SF
  • 51 Properties

Los Angeles

The second-largest urban region in the U.S. boasts a highly diversified economy in addition to its signature industries of media, entertainment, tourism and fashion.

  • 2.3m SF
  • 27 Properties

New York

The City That Never Sleeps is the nation’s leader in financial services and international business, and a global hub of commerce, technology, and culture.

  • 12.6m SF
  • 26 Properties

San Francisco

A remarkably talented set of innovators and exceptional quality of life nurture the most successful businesses in the nation’s West Coast financial, technology, and life sciences center.

  • 7.9m SF
  • 38 Properties


The City of Flowers is a catalyst for growth in the Pacific Northwest and home to the world's most innovative companies.

  • 1.5m SF
  • 2 Properties

Washington, DC

America’s wealthiest counties, highest concentration of scientists and engineers, second-largest concentration of technology firms, and a very highly educated workforce find their home in The District.

  • 9.2m SF
  • 34 Properties