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Route 128 Suburbs
City Point campus at sunrise.

CityPoint is a dynamic district situated on a nearly one mile stretch of Route 128. With numerous premier workplaces and restaurants as well as additional development sites, CityPoint is well-located in Waltham, Boston's largest urban edge submarket, popular with leading and emerging companies in life sciences, biotech, and tech.

Corner of a building at City Point at dusk.
  • 881K


  • 7


Property Collection

  • 10 CityPoint

    500 Totten Pond Road

    Premier Workplace

    231k SF

    Developed 2016

  • 20 CityPoint

    480 Totten Pond Road

    Premier Workplace

    215k SF

    Developed 2020

  • 230 CityPoint

    230 Third Avenue

    Premier Workplace

    296k SF

    Acquired 2005

  • 77 CityPoint

    77 Fourth Avenue

    Premier Workplace

    210k SF

    Developed 2008

  • 1265 Main Street

    1265 Main Street

    Premier Workplace

    121k SF

    Developed 2016

Leasing Contact

  • Victoria Paolino
  • 617.236.3300