888 Boylston, Boston’s Most Sustainable Building


BXP executes high performance design from the inside out.

Located at Prudential Center in the heart of Boston’s vibrant Back Bay neighborhood, 888 Boylston Street is a 17-story mixed-use building of approximately 425,000 square feet. The project consists of a three-story retail base, 14-story office tower and two levels of subgrade parking. Building upon a history of sustainability and green building leadership, BXP held a clear vision and firm stance from the first kickoff meeting: 888 Boylston Street would be Boston’s Most Sustainable Building.

The Lives Inside

BXP focused on creating high performance office space for the customer, space that’s designed from the inside out to promote the health, wellness, and productivity of the lives inside the building. By seeking to understand the modern knowledge worker, BXP was able to imagine the customer perspective during decision making and optimize the user experience. By maximizing vision glass and studying daylight infiltration, the floors provide large open areas and a spectacular indoor environment with abundant views and natural light. A large dance floor with 60’-120’ columnless clear spans and 13’-6” unobstructed northern vertical vision zones is flexible and ideal for tenants with open office plan configurations. Daylight harvesting reduces artificial lighting runtime 60%, and tenant lighting power density by more than 25%. Further, 100% LED lamping throughout the common areas provides excellent light level quality while using significantly less energy than the ASHRAE code allowance. As part of the sustainable design strategy, biophilic elements including living walls and a green roof provide connections with nature and support a healthier urban ecosystem at the Prudential Center