2022 BXP SASB Disclosures


2022 BXP Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (“SASB”) Disclosures

The Real Estate Sustainability Accounting Standard issued by SASB in 2018 proposed sustainability accounting metrics designed for disclosure in mandatory filings, such as the Annual Report on Form 10-K, and serves as the framework against which we have aligned our disclosures for sustainability information. The recommended energy and water management activity metrics for the real estate industry include energy consumption data coverage as a percentage of floor area (“Energy Intensity”); percentage of the eligible portfolio that is certified ENERGY STAR® (“ENERGY STAR certified”); total energy consumed by portfolio area (“Total Energy Consumption”); water withdrawal as a percentage of total floor area (“Water Intensity”); and total water withdrawn by portfolio area (“Total Water Consumption”). Our energy and water data is collected from utility bills and submeters and is assured by an independent, third-party assurance expert, which includes all SASB energy and water metrics.

BXP’s most recent SASB Disclosures are included in the attached Form 10-K excerpt.