2015 Sustainability Report



As one of the largest owners and developers of office properties in the United States, Boston Properties actively works to promote our growth and operations in a sustainable and responsible manner across our four regions. Our sustainability strategy is broadly focused on the economic, social, and environmental aspects of our activities, which include the design and construction of our new developments and the operation of our existing buildings.

Boston Properties is a real estate company with a strategy of long-term ownership. By understanding the externalities of our business, we aim to make a positive impact and reduce risk. This report highlights the execution of our sustainability strategy, and is organized into three themes: Environmental Impact, Health & Wellness, and Community Involvement.

Through our efforts we demonstrate that operating and developing commercial real estate can be conducted with a conscious regard for the environment and wider society while mutually benefiting our tenants, investors, employees, and the communities we serve.

Reporting Methodology

This report is focused on the aggregate performance of our occupied and actively managed office building portfolio. Occupied buildings have less than 50% vacancy. Actively managed buildings are buildings where we have operational control.

Our 94 occupied and actively managed office buildings represent 85% of our portfolio gross square footage (SF). By concentrating on similarly situated buildings we are able to meaningfully benchmark performance and measure the efficacy of our sustainability measures. Unless otherwise noted, data presented in this report relate to these types of office buildings. Over time we will continue to assess available data and determine when to expand this report to address other property types and information.