2020 BXP Environmental Management System (EMS)


Boston Properties (BXP) has developed an environmental management system (EMS) aligned with ISO 14001 to manage energy and water use across our four regions. Our environmental management system establishes a framework for the four integrated stages: Plan, Do, Check and Act.


We use benchmarking platforms, energy intelligence, and a data management system to collect and synthesize our environmental data. ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (ESPM) and EnelX Energy Intelligence Software (EIS) and infrastructure (corporate contract with EnelX available upon request) inform and support our sustainability initiatives. All energy, water and waste data for directly managed properties and as much information as we can obtain for actively managed properties are entered into ESPM on a monthly basis from invoices, providing us with a complete picture of those assets’ consumption over time. Additionally, smart meters, advanced building management systems with digital controls and EIS enable property managers and onsite engineers to monitor systems and equipment in real time to evaluate energy consumption and to manage our energy and water use objectives. EnelX provides asset level energy use advisement. Utility use trends and like-for-like performance and intensities are routinely monitored using Measurabl. With these systems in place we can measure performance by asset, region, and portfolio-wide, to identify upgrade opportunities, to ensure that implemented strategies are effective, and to maintain our short term and long term performance goals.


Regional property teams prioritize upgrade and retrofit projects for their regions, and reduce risk by ensuring that BXP not just complies with existing code requirements, but is well positioned to respond to regulatory requirements before they become mandatory. In addition to monitoring, EnelX’s platform provides BXP with the capability to offer demand response performance, which allows us to adjust our operations to respond to electricity peak demand in real time by tuning our actively managed asset level energy management systems (EMSs); this has both operational efficiency and financial benefits for the company.


Results are analyzed by dedicated resources in each region, and at the portfolio level by our SVPs of property management, to determine whether implemented are initiatives are successful, as well as progress toward regional sustainability goals. At the corporate level, the Sustainability Manager oversees checks the impact of investments and progress towards achieving annual and long-term performance targets.


In an overarching role, our sustainability committee, led by the Vice President, Sustainability, manages our sustainability process, through regular discussions, sharing of lessons learned, and reviews of strategies and initiatives. We are constantly seeking impactful solutions that allow us to accurately report our results and clearly communicate progress to our shareholders.

ISO 14001 Alignment

The BXP EMS is aligned with the ten ISO 14001 clauses. Clauses 1 through 3 include no specific requirements. Clauses 4-10 have requirements for the context of the organization, leadership, planning, support, operation, performance evaluation, and improvement. The BXP EMS system is fully aligned with these requirements using the Plan, Do, Check, Act process.